The desire to give comes from the heart. But we believe the ability to make an ongoing, intergenerational difference comes from careful planning and ongoing support from a professional trustee.

The Trust Company Australia Foundation is a fast and effective way for individuals, families, businesses and not-for-profits (NFP) to efficiently provide for all or a part of their philanthropic goals – without the expense, time and infrastructure usually required to run a stand alone charitable foundation. The Trustee of the Foundation controls its investments and distribution decisions and is responsible for governance, administration and compliance.

Unlike a one-off donation, a gift to a charitable fund keeps on supporting your chosen community causes for many generations to come.

Donate to the Main Account

  • You can make a donation or bequest to the Foundation itself to support a range of charitable organisations and causes
  • Annually, we distribute income from the Foundation to organisations that support Positive Ageing, Living with Disability and Socially Inclusive Education Read more
  • Through our Engaged Philanthropy approach we hope to enhance the social impact of our Foundation and the broad discretionary trusts we manage.

Donate to a Gift Fund

  • You can choose to establish a named Gift Fund within the Foundation.
  • A Gift Fund offers sufficient flexibility to respond to your personal wishes for distributions of income while ensuring your philanthropy benefits from a collective approach
  • We can establish a Gift Fund within the Foundation that suits your special purpose
  • It can protect your privacy or it can operate as a continuing memorial to your family or business
  • It can be established as a simple way to structure your personal philanthropy or as part of your wider estate plan.

There are no establishment fees and you also have the option to access an inbuilt online donation portal for you, your family, friends and colleagues to make additional donations at any time.

Potential Tax advantages

  • Charitable donations are generally tax deductible
  • Deductions for donations can usually be spread over a period of years
  • Bequests of property made to a Gift Fund may be Capital Gains Tax free.

Anyone can help us in our mission to support the widest range of Australian registered charities providing vital services both within our borders and beyond  by donating online, or talking to us about establishing a Gift Fund within the Foundation.

Important Note

The information provided is general and does not take into consideration your individual circumstances and independent professional tax advice should always be obtained before making a donation or bequest.