The Trust Company acts as Trustee for a number of charitable trusts where we have a level of discretion in allocating the funds.

General Funding Round

The Trust Company adopted an Engaged Philanthropy model for distributions from our broad discretionary charitable trusts in 2011.

In our evolution from an online funding process for one-off annual grants, we inaugurated 17 multi-year strategic partnerships in 2011, and added an additional 12 strategic partnerships in 2012. We hold biannual symposiums with all our Strategic Partners at Melbourne Business School given our engagement with their Asia-Pacific Social Impact Leadership Centre. The Trust Company Fellow, Liz Gillies, is providing our model and our Strategic Partners advice and support around the social impact assessment of the model, and facilitating collaboration between them.

Our program areas for our Engaged Philanthropy model are:

  • Socially Inclusive Education - organisations that promote the development of leadership, learning and skills within disadvantaged and marginalised communities (Australia and Papua New Guinea)
  • Positive Ageing - organisations that promote the health & wellbeing of seniors in Australia
  • Living with Disability - organisations that support people with disability to achieve their full potential and to participate fully in society in Australia

From a social sector-wide perspective, we are also interested in organisations that promote enterprise, capacity building and innovation (‘R&D Fund’).

2014 Funding Round

The Trust Company is now part of Perpetual Limited. In 2014 our discretionary charitable trusts with the exception of those listed below will form part of the next Perpetual funding round which is due to open in November 2014.

For more information on the Perpetual fund please click here.

For any enquiries, or further information, please contact us by email on or call on 1800 622 812

Funding from other Discretionary Trusts, Scholarships and Awards

The following charitable trusts are open for funding in 2014 through The Trust Company:

Animal Welfare

Winifred Violet Scott Charitable Trust
Closing Date : 30-Sept-2014
Details : Fund Guidelines

Medical Research

MR & RA Brownless Perpetual Charitable Trust
Closing Date : 31-Aug-2014 (open every two years)
Details : Fund Guidelines

Anna-Jane Trust
Closing Date : 31-Aug-2014 (open every two years)
Details : Fund Guidelines

Aged Care

Ian Rollo Currie Trust*
Closing Date : 31-April & 31-Oct each year
Details : Fund Guidelines

Education & Development

Frank Leyden Tot-Ed Trust
Closing Date : 30-Sept-2014
Details :Fund Guidelines- Leyden


The James Kirkpatrick Trust
Closing Date : 31-July-2014
Details : Fund Guidelines – Kirkpatrick

For the above discretionary trusts (other than Ian Rollo Currie Trust) that run annual funding rounds click here for the online application form.

*The Ian Rollo Currie Trust applications will be assessed twice a year with closing dates of 30 April and 31 October annually at 5pm EST and must be submitted on or be considered for that round.

To apply for the Ian Rollo Currie Grant please click here.

To apply for the Ian Rollo Currie Pledge please click here.

The trustees of the Ian Rollo Currie Estate Foundation are Mr. John Etherington and The Trust Company.

For more information on above trust click on the above links. For any enquiries email